Bi Yuu

Mexico City, Mexico

Bi Yuu was founded in Mexico City in 2012 by Estudio Marisol Centeno, with the desire to form a brand specialized in textiles created under a strong vision of quality and social responsibility.

Bi Yuu respects local customs and practices by valuing the time it takes to produce something by hand; the processes are as important as the final product. Artisans in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, are part of the team, working in collaboration with the design studio in Mexico City and other local designers in both communities.

Bi Yuu uses only first class fibers, as well as natural dyes, which ensure products age beautifully. Bi Yuu's high quality Lincoln fibers are spun in Mexico, expanding the national productive chain. Its length of wick, and provide great strength and weight. The pigments come from local resources, such as cochineal, indigo, pericón, marusch, walnut, muicle and pomegranate. Through experimentation, Bi Yuu has increased the range of color that can be obtained from natural dyes without damaging the environment.