Poul Henningsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Life of Poul Henningsen

Born in Copenhagen in 1894, Poul Henningsen would become a successful designer and architect most noted for his innovative lighting solutions. Henningsen studied at the Frederiksberg Technical School in Denmark, and progressed to the Copenhagen Technical College, which he left in 1917 to become an inventor and painter. Henningsen eventually settled into architecture and design, devoting himself to lighting design.

The Style of Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen was deeply interested by how light impacted people, so he developed a series of Ceiling and Pendant Lights ceiling and pendant lights intended to soften and diffuse light. Henningsen was determined to make the harsh light of the then-new electric bulb similar to the warm glow of a petroleum lamp. From 1925 Henningsen designed the PH series for lighting company Louis Poulsen . The series consisted of over a hundred lamps that defined the Danish lighting style. Most famous of these is the 1958 PH Artichoke and PH Snowball, both of which feature multiple aluminium shades that distribute the light evoking the relaxing qualities of petroleum lights. Henningsen’s timeless designs remain in high demand, and the effect he pioneered changed the landscape of the lighting field forever. He passed away in Denmark in 1967.

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