Pierre Guariche

Paris, France

Born in Paris in 1926, Pierre Guariche attended École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and, following World War II, aligned himself with a group of young French designers who sought a modern alternative to the traditional decorative arts in France. Between 1953 and 1957, he collaborated with Joseph-André Motte and Michel Mortier under the acronym ARP (Atelier des Recherches Plastiques), designing furniture with innovative materials and forms. At the same time, he began working with important design firms, including Airborne, Meubles TV, Huchers-Minvielle, Disderot, and Steiner. In the late 50s Guariche became chief designer for the Belgian company Meurop, where he concentrated on developing elegant but low-cost furniture.

At the height of his career, Guariche worked mostly as an architect, designing many private residences as well as commercial and public spaces, including several ski stations. Overall, his designs reflect a commitment to simplicity, exploiting the potential of industrial production without sacrificing quality.