Martin Holzapfel

Berlin, Germany

Martin Holzapfel was born in 1965 in Ilbenstadt, Germany. He studied art history at Goethe University in Frankfurt from 1988-1990, before going on to study interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He graduated from the latter in 1995 with an engineering diploma. He has been professionally designing furniture, interiors, and architecture since 1995. Holzapfel moved to Berlin in 2002.

Holzapfel’s designs are decidedly color-driven and composed of simple shapes. According to Holzapfel, “My aim is to find a perfectly balanced intersection of sculpture, painting, and furniture design… in order to design colorful, abstract objects, as an exploration of new images and shapes. It´s all about finding new, unexpected, and intense expressions.” The designer also pursues a combination of utility and sensuality: “Rather than just to look at, it is important to use my designs and to build up a close relationship with them through daily use.”

Holzapfel has been honored with the Vitra Award from the Biennale Interieur Foundation (Kortrijk, Belgium 2000) and the Bronze Prize from IFDA (Asahikawa, Japan 2008).