Louis van Teeffelen


Who Is Louis van Teeffelen?

Louis van Teeffelen was renowned designer known for his Danish furniture, originally sold in Holland. Often considered a Dutch design master, he produced high quality tables, chairs, lamps, desks, and wall units throughout the 1950s and 1960s, always with impeccable elegance. While very little is known about Louis van Teeffelen himself, his work for Webe Holland speaks for itself.


The Work of Louis van Teeffelen

Louis van Teeffelen style is a mix of Danish woodwork and Italian finesse (as can be seen in his brass details), with a bespoke handcrafted quality. This combination is one of the many things that sets him apart from the other industrial designers. His sleek and functional wooden cabinets, and free-standing wall units, created from wood and black metal, are highly sought after and can be found in homes of sound taste. Though he is often copied, there is no substitute for a real Louis van Teeffelen piece.


Louis van Teeffelen at Pamono

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