Kostas Neofitidis


Architect, designer, and artist Kostas Neofitidis was born in 1964 in Nicosia on the island of Cyprus. He studied at the Politecnico in Milan from 1984 to 1990, graduating with an architectural degree. After school, during the 1990s, Neofitidis designed a variety of Cypriot restaurants and nightclubs. Over the past few decades, Neofitidis has spent significant time in Asia, an area that inspires his work both as an architect and as an artist. In 2003, he established his Nicosia base, Kayen Studio, from where he designs residences, restaurants, carpets, and more. In 2005, while on a trip to Thailand, Neofitidis began drawing, and, since that time, art has become his main focus, though he continues to design objects, luxury homes, and offices. In 2006, Neofitidis established a beachside atelier in Thailand. That same year, he exhibited his first collection of drawings, entitled Art on the Beach, followed by A Balancing Act in 2012. In 2013, inspired by his travels in Nepal, Neofitidis created the first in a series of limited editions of hand-knotted silk rugs, a design project dedicated to preserving and promoting ancient, artisanal handicraft. This was the first entry to his newly launched KOTA Collections; a series of unique art collections designed by Neofitidis.