Kho Liang Ie


More About Kho Liang Ie

Kho Liang Ie is a Dutch industrial designer best known for his work at Artifort, and his designs for the layout of Schipol airport. Born in 1927 to Chinese parents in Magelang, Indonesia, Kho Liang Ie moved to the Netherlands in 1949. There he studied interior and industrial design at the Rietveld Academy. The name Kho Liang Ie has become synonymous with his Artifort Sofas . Kho Liang Ie passed away on 1st January 1975.

The Work of Kho Liang Ie

Just ten years after arriving in the Netherlands, Kho Liang Ie began working at Artifort as an aesthetic consultant and designer. Kho Liang Ie’s artistic direction and international contacts were essential in transforming Artifort into an international brand. He secured successful foreign designers including Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt. The influence of Kho Liang Ie, and the designers he employed, is still felt at Artifort today. During his life Kho Liang Ie also designed for Bruynzeel and Mosa. His furniture is featured in the collections of many important Dutch museums including Museum of Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht.

Kho Liang Ie at Pamono

Pamono’s carefully curated collection includes a range of Kho Liang Ie pieces. These pieces are typical of his devotion to modernism and straight clear lines. Utilising a variety of sleek materials like glass, leather and metal, a Kho Liang Ie piece is a sophisticated addition to a room. At Pamono we are dedicated to sourcing the finest quality pieces from the best designers. Each item is handpicked by Pamono staff and reflect our devotion to authentic and unique furniture. Our sizeable collection includes a large variety of individual pieces, so there is something for everyone.