Hallstatt, Austria

Austrian furniture designer Hausna (a.k.a Markus Gamsjäger) was born in 1983 in Vöcklabruck. Originally focused on woodturning and sculpture, he established his studio, called Hausna*, in 2004 in his hometown of Hallstatt, Austria. Taking Hausna from the name of his miner and carpenter ancestors, the designer studied design and product management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences before moving to the Netherlands in 2014. There, he worked for famous designer Maarten Baas and Den Herder Production House in s´Hertogenbosch.

Hausna describes his work as “unpretentious,” and all works are produced as limited editions or unique pieces. His work has been included in multiple international design fairs. In 2009, Hausna’s Rocking Item, a rocking horse-like design, was included in the Spot on Wien—Flashing Austrian Design and Music exhibition at 100% Design Tokyo. In 2014, his PH-Value Lamp, a collaboration with Stefan Perchermeier Designs, was included in Baas’s Baas Is In Town exhibition during Salone Design Fair in Milan. That same year, Hausna’s Austria 2.0 chair was included in the Confession of Design exhibition organized by Advantage Austria during Salone. Other notable projects include Swing on Bronze (2014), a poetic interpretation of a traditional wooden plank swing, and Rebar  (2015), a furniture collection composed of chromed rebar steel and high-end materials such as oak wood, Italian marble, leather, and glass.

In 2016, Hausna returned to Hallstatt in rural Austria, where he continues to create handmade furniture and home accessories.