A. R. Cordemeyer


Want to Know More About A.R. Cordemeyer?

André R. Cordemeyer was born in Bussum in the Netherlands in 1924. After studying mechanical engineering at Amsterdam’s Technical College he started his career as a draftsman. In 1952 the bed manufacturer Auping hired Cordemeyer as a technician. There he would concentrate on his own design work and had his first success with the Cleopatra Bed. In 1954 Cordemeyer resigned from Auping and became a member of The Hague’s industrial design circle Kring Industriële Ontwerpers.

A.R. Cordemeyer’s Collaborations and Career

A.R. Cordemeyer collaborated with Wim Rietveld and together they introduced the use of plastic at the furniture manufacturer Gispen . Their designs included armchair No. 416, which was one of the first industrially manufactured plastic chairs in the Netherlands. Following Rietveld’s resignation from Gispen in 1957, Cordemeyer worked in a design team with Van Osselen and L.J. Hollowman. Between 1956 and 1975 Cordemeyer designed many pieces of furniture for Gispen. In 1961 he designed a series of seating units including conference chair No. 1431 and armchair No. 1432 as well as sofas No.1704 and No.1715. Cordemeyer is noted for his innovative use of new materials and the mechanized production process. His designs are celebrated for their robust nature and high functionality. His furniture is adaptable, featuring removable arm rests and cushions and can thus be modified according to personal preference.

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